Spotify has created an easy tool, for requesting your personal information relating to your Spotify account.


Most of the personal data that Spotify has about you is accessible through the Spotify app (e.g. playlists, search queries, followers, and streaming history).

The Data Request description lists the following items as part of the data takeout request:

  • Playlists.
  • Streaming history.
  • Searches (90 days back).
  • Content saved to library.
  • Followers & followings.
  • Payment & subscription information.

There is no up front description on exactly which details (i.e. "Most of ..") may be viewed using the - Spotify app - and how these differ compared to the data takeout. Spotify apps also differ among desktop, web and mobile, thus providing different information. More content may also be available through the Web API, although payment details seem like a bad fit through the API channel.

TODO: What data is available by open, user accessible means?

I decided to request my data to find out the content of a data request, so a comparison can be made.

According to Spotify, a data request may take up to 30 days to complete. Coincidentally, 30 days is the time-limit for a data processor to comply with a request (with room for adjustments like differing months, holidays etc). Substantial or difficult requests may be extended for two additional months. These factors can be of interest especially if we are looking for some sought-after data which is already available through the Spotify app or other quicker means.

It might be interesting to see how up-to-date the takeout data will be after being made available. Since my initial request I've also used Spotify and made changes to playlists. Will it represent a snapshot of my data at the time of my request, at takeout completion or a best-effort as dealt with in between?

Data Request status: 5 days