This spearphish extortion email uses a personalised approach to make a threat seem more credible. Most notable detail is the use of my legal first name, Benjamin, which I never use publicly online.

Benjamin, I do think that this will be quite intriguing info that you should examine, concerning your latest . Check it out just before something unstable can happen.
Mon, Sep 17, 2018 • 4:59 AM

Hi, Benjamin

If perhaps you have been much more careful, you wouldn't have received this message. I really do not think that cheating is a rare issue, however if your other half discovers about this, as well as all of your family members, pals on Facebook or twitter together with pics and videos, i truly doubt that they might enjoy it.

I've been pursuing you, lately, and have been taking pictures of what you do in your free time. I do think your family won't be pleased if they uncover the truth. I been following you across the city for one week, and so I have plenty of proof to destroy your whole fucking life.

You only have a single opportunity to fix everthing ... Now i am giving you one day to send me 1300 $. It will be good enough for me personally to resolve this issue with you forever. It's your decision to make a decision and choose at this point.

It is your decision, in case you wish me to just forget about this whole shit, then this is my btc address: ********************************** (BTC)

For this, utilize or maybe some other related websites or simply use search engines to look for other btc accounts.

Don't try to get hold of me or the officials, I personally use cracked email address so that the police won't be able to get me, in any other case I'll immediately send pics and vid to all people you know.

After opening this mail, you have only one day, I'll be checking my bitcoin wallet regularly, and if within time provided I don't obtain everything, I'll take action.

****************** Do Not Reply to This Email *******************